Zara blouse (Here!)

Had an early morning flight to Barcelona this morning to spend a full day there. Just touched down in Sweden for couple of nights, back in London again on Sunday. Been to Barcelona so many times and only this year It´s my third time visiting … It´s a lovely city but personally I think it´s a little hyped – I know so many people that are mad about it. My boyfriend LOVES it haha and drives me crazy. Every time we go to Spain we tend to spontaneously extend the trip for couple of nights and surprisingly ending up in Barcelona 😉 Last time we took the train from Madrid, which was a great experience that I can really recommend.

Very few big cities have the luxury of an amazing seafront. Barcelona does and my favourite hotel “W hotel” is right by the beach and the view from the room at night or in the morning is to die for. They also have a really good late bar (club environment) on the top floor with delicious cocktails ..

Something I always do is to visit their famous market. I love fruit/food markets and always tend to go wherever I go in the world, but this one It´s really one of a kind. So characteristic, colourful and so much yummy stuff!!

Been a long, super fun and eventful day. Can´t wait to head to bed, nighty babes xx