Quality of life is all about your health. Nutrition is like religion, you can only follow your own beliefs to practice and you should also live as you learn. Much easier said than done. Believe me, it has taken me years to get where I am today and I have been personally trying EVERY diet out there, Atkins, sugar free, raw food, high fat / low carb, GI, eating an apple a day – you name it.

Being an anorectic and suffering from bulimia and orthorexia in the past I know the exact calories and nutrition in every single food group and still today I have ups and downs where I can struggle with my eating habits. My key to feel better about these times are to think “moderation”. I try to think 80/20 (80% good and 20% “bad”). Some days I´m 100% good and somedays I may just be 50% good but as a whole I am giving my body what it deserves – love and respect.

I think what I did wrong in the past, just like many others is that I constantly was “dieting” in order to achieve a wished result I had in my head. To be real, dieting is a struggle for everyone. It´s an absolute pain and you miss out so much in life. The key is not too see it as a diet, it´s about coming to the conclusion that it´s a lifestyle. As soon as I realised this, things started to change drastically. I got a whole new perception about things and I stopped my constantly stressing around food or drinks.

You ever heard the phrase “forbidden fruit”? Thought so. What we can´t have, we want. Just like forbidden fruit. Therefor by not eliminating anything in your diet (exceptions if you have allergies or food intolerances) you still get to eat the cake and have it left. If I want to eat chocolate, I will. If I want that extra slice of cheese, I will. And if I am not up for going to the gym, I won´t. Without feeling the slightest upset or disappointed with myself I just allow myself a treat and move on to the next day.

Nutrition is a jungle and there are so much to learn and so many different point of views to take in. My best advice to you – Don´t make the food your enemy. Be reasonable and kind to yourself. In the end of the day it´s just food, right?

Love Jx