Mexican Fiesta. Spent last night home making delicious taco and cherry mojitos. I am obsessed with Mexican food and could eat it 365 days a year – 24/7. Growing up in Sweden where almost everyone eats taco and having “fredagsmys” on Friday´s  I have brought this tradition even to London and obviously had to make it here in Mallorca gathered with my family.

There is such a huge variety of Mexican food and depending on my schedule I can be lazy and buy everything prepared or making most of it from scratch. Last night I made the pulled chicken you can see above all by myself but will show that recipe in a different post as I wanted to focus on these DELICIOUS Mojitos today.

I am absolutely not a fan of alcohol and try to limit it to once a month. It pretty much mess up my body and I really dislike the taste. Cherry Mojito´s brought this to a different story though .. Went to Israel last year together with my boyfriend and sitting in the restaurant always ordering water whilst he is sipping on cocktails I gave it a go as it looked super yummy – hell yeah, you bet it was !! Finished it all and ordered another one, prob first and last time I inhaled a drink without making a sour face 😉

Anyway, this recipe can obviously be made with normal cherries but really like these Skylar rae ones. This unique cherry is still extremely new and rare to the world. Discovered in 2004 by the Toftness family. In my opinion this is the top of the cherry food chain sorta speak. With a golden yellow skin and an orange, blush red skin it’s visually different to Rainer and dark sweet cherries. It has a firm and nearly colourless flesh with a high sugar content. It’s simply “the sweetest cherry you’ll ever eat”. Eat and you will see 🙂


Makes three cherry lime mojitos.

– One bag of cherries
– Two limes
– Fresh mint leaves
– Soda water
– Freshly made cherry juice (Pit and cut eight cherries. Place them in a blender with one cup of water. Blend, then strain the mixture into a glass)
– White rum
– Ice cubes

(I did add a twist and added some raw cane sugar – make after your own taste).


1. Using the back of a butter knife, gently muddle some fresh mint leaves at the bottom of your glass. Place two chopped cherries at the bottom of each glass.
2. Fill cocktail shaker with the lime juice from two limes, two ounces fresh cherry juice, mint leaves, ice, and three ounces of rum.
3. Shake mixture until ingredients are married together.
4. Pour the mixture between three glasses.
5. Add two ice cubes into each glass.
6. Top off each glass with more fresh cherry juice and club soda.
7. Garnish with mint leaves and one whole cherry.

Bon appetite babes xx