There is no secret that I have the biggest sweet tooth. For many years I have tried to fight it and depriving myself from sugar. It is just like forbidden fruit, the less you can have it – the more you want it. I have realised that this is not the way forward and nowadays I always try to find better alternatives. I used to experiment a lot in the kitchen but last months being very busy I have less time and passion to be creative and turned to a more convenient way of satisfying my sweet tooth. The healthy ranges of stock in the shops are unbelievable, especially if you live in London. My personal favourite is Whole Foods in Piccadilly where you almost can get lost with products you never even heard of before.

By not “black listing” anything I tend to have everything in moderation and once I get my cravings I allow myself to have my favourite chocolate, candy or sorbet. I tend to stick with my cleaner treats during weekdays when I just want to snack or satisfy lighter craves. Today I had a chia pudding, few dates, couple of walnut and a shot of recovery tonic. Delicious, nutritious and guilt free.


Snack tip: Avoid blacklisting foods. Aim to introduce more nutrient dense tretas that can satisfy your sweet tooth. And when you do choosee to indulge in something less nutriscious, do it guilt free. Don’t stress and create anxiety about the things you eat – choose happy eating at all times!